I forgot my pencil.


Light from the beginning of time
Kenneth Callicutt


Light from the beginning of time

Kenneth Callicutt

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Roberto Ferri

You Yourself Are Too Serious
The Mercury Program


The Mercury ProgramYou Yourself Are Too Serious

When I’m down or frustrated or mad I like to get high and just drive around listening to this album and it always makes me feel better.  


The Chinese Palace, built by Antonio Rinaldi, between 1762 and 1768, on the grounds of Oranienbaum park in Russia


Adam Ferriss 

Artist on Tumblr

Adam Ferriss is a photographer and digital media artist based in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to his artistic practice, Adam runs the photography labs at Otis College of Art and Design. His most recent projects involve creating tri-chromatic color separation photographs and algorithmically restructuring pixel array data.


Julie Mehretu

1. Fracture

2. Untitled (Van Gelder 3; JM D-1.05)

3. Rogue Ascension

4. Entropia (Review)

5-7. Untitled

8. Local Calm

9. Rising Down

10. Rising Down (detail)

Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters by Gojin Ishihara



Kappa (river imp)


Jorōgumo (lit. “whore spider”)


Kubire-oni (strangler demon)


Rokurokubi (long-necked woman)


Onmoraki (bird demon)


Nekomata (cat monster)


Tengu (bird-like demon)


Tenjō-sagari (ceiling dweller)


Enma Dai-Ō (King of Hell)


Kyūbi no kitsune (nine-tailed fox)


Baku (dream-eating chimera)


Yūrei (ghost)


Yamasei (mountain sprite)


Rashōmon no oni (ogre of Rashōmon Gate)


Waira (mountain-dwelling chimera)


Nure-onna (snake woman)

Love Never Felt So Good
Michael Jackson feat. Justin Timberlake

Love Never Felt So Good - Michael Jackson feat. Justin Timberlake

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(is a guy) (writes a story about ladys constantly getting into gross degrading sexual situations) dont worry… this might sound bad at first but its a “subversion”… otherwise known as a “deconstruction” its actually very empowering… this is my contribution to feminism 

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Here’s more!

lovelycharts.com – create flowcharts, network diagrams, sitemaps, etc.
e.ggtimer.com – a simple online timer for your daily needs.
coralcdn.org – if a site is down due to heavy traffic, try accessing it through coral CDN.
random.org – pick random numbers, flip coins, and more.
google.com/webfonts – a good collection of open source fonts.
homestyler.com – design from scratch or re-model your home in 3d.
join.me – share you screen with anyone over the web.
wetransfer.com – for sharing really big files online.
hundredzeros.com – the site lets you download free Kindle books.
polishmywriting.com – check your writing for spelling or grammatical errors.
marker.to – easily highlight the important parts of a web page for sharing.
whichdateworks.com – planning an event? find a date that works for all.
everytimezone.com – a less confusing view of the world time zones.
gtmetrix.com – the perfect tool for measuring your site performance online.
noteflight.com – print music sheets, write your own music online (review).
imo.im – chat with your buddies on Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, etc. from one place.
translate.google.com – translate web pages, PDFs and Office documents.
kleki.com – create paintings and sketches with a wide variety of brushes.
similarsites.com – discover new sites that are similar to what you like already.
wordle.net – quick summarize long pieces of text with tag clouds.
bubbl.us – create mind-maps, brainstorm ideas in the browser.
kuler.adobe.com – get color ideas, also extract colors from photographs.
ge.tt – qiuckly send a file to someone, they can even preview it before downloading.
tinychat.com – setup a private chat room in micro-seconds.
privnote.com – create text notes that will self-destruct after being read.
draw.io – create diagrams and flowcharts in the browser, export your drawings to Google Drive and Dropbox.
downforeveryoneorjustme.com – find if your favorite website is offline or not?
urbandictionary.com – find definitions of slangs and informal words.
scribblemaps.com – create custom Google Maps easily.
formspring.me – you can ask or answer personal questions here.
sumopaint.com – an excellent layer-based online image editor.
snopes.com – find if that email offer you received is real or just another scam.
typingweb.com – master touch-typing with these practice sessions.
mailvu.com – send video emails to anyone using your web cam.
timerime.com – create timelines with audio, video and images.
stupeflix.com – make a movie out of your images, audio and video clips.safeweb.norton.com – check the trust level of any website.

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